nota <MCD software> 2017-18

The online program nota
has been in production since MCD’s residence on notation systems in
the LAB FFM and opens up an infinite digital space for the
documentation and arrangement of text, image, video and audio files.
The program acts as a digital work and assembly table for these
media. The individual materials can be arranged, placed and put into
relationship to each other in a variety of ways. Nota is a tool to
visualize complex conceptual thoughts and ideas on a digital

In April 2017 MCD started the development of nota and
since then the program has been an important part of our creative
work. On the 19 January 2018, nota was presented to the public for
the first time in a beta version: As part of the
„Digitalisierungstriple II“ of the Performing Arts Program
Berlin, the current state of the program was presented and subject of
an exchange on digital imaging spaces of scenic works.

Das Programm nota from VOLL:MILCH on Vimeo.


In 2017, Monster Control District (MCD) was founded by the theater
collective VOLL: MILCH, cameraman Moritz Friese, programmer Nils Bultjer
and scenographer / media artist Ariane Trümper at the LAB Frankfurt.
The mission and goal of the MCD is to stage our monstrous present. MCD
is located in Berlin, Lower Saxony and Rotterdam. It develops works of
film, theater and a computer program called nota, which is used a
working tool for their collective, intermedial montage-practice. In
2016, VOLL: MILCH started a monster cycle that began in April 2016 with
terreur and continued in October of the same year with Monster Erlöser.
This cycle has been continued with the MCD since 2017.