AirTime <MCD short film> 2017-18

2017, 20 min., English OV

In an empty meeting room, two delegates passionately vie for attention and air time. Webcams, meanwhile, convey the posthumanistic picture of a world we have abandoned to become tourists.

Recordings of the meeting of the „Litchfield Mosquito Control District“ shows Chairman John and his Vice Alfred. The special feature: these two men are the only participants present at the meeting. Nevertheless, the session is strictly in accordance with the protocol and both of them are constantly addressing their speech and discussion to a seemingly present public. Both are demanding more airtime, which is the condition that their message is perceived and the population can take protective measures. This video is juxtaposed with footage from live webcams from different places in the world.

Presented: Feb. 2018 Woche der Kritik, Berlin;
Apr. 2018 Lichter Filmfest, Frankfurt


In 2017, Monster Control District (MCD) was founded by the theater collective VOLL: MILCH, cameraman Moritz Friese, programmer Nils Bultjer and scenographer / media artist Ariane Trümper at the LAB Frankfurt. The mission and goal of the MCD is to stage our monstrous present. MCD is located in Berlin, Lower Saxony and Rotterdam. It develops works of film, theater and a computer program called nota, which is used a working tool for their collective, intermedial montage-practice. In 2016, VOLL: MILCH started a monster cycle that began in April 2016 with terreur and continued in October of the same year with Monster Erlöser. This cycle has been continued with the MCD since 2017.