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The German scenographer and artist Ariane Trümper (1984) studied fashion design in Berlin and worked for several years as film professional in Germany and France. In 2014 she graduated Cum Laude with a MA Scenography at the Frank Mohr Institute (FMI) in Groningen. During her study she started working with technology, such as camera’s and interactive performance programs and visited additional courses of the IME Master program (Interactive Media and Environments). Ariane is living and working from Rotterdam as an independent artist and scenographer in Germany and the Netherlands.

Ariane’s work is situated on the intersection between fine arts and performance design, researching perceptive and performative processes filtered through our bodies and technology. She received grants from i.e. the CBK Rotterdam for her research on the experience of space through sound, is part of the German performance collectives Monster Control District and the Dutch research group Platform-Scenography. Ariane is regularly tutoring, i.e. at the HKU Utrecht (MA Scenography), as well as the University Hildesheim. She creates autonomous artistic installations, performances and media works.


Core occupations

since 2012 self-employed scenographer and media artist

since 2015 guest tutor Master Scenography HKU Utrecht

since 2016 member of Dutch research group Platform-Scenography

since 2017 member of the German performance collective MCD (Monster Control District)



2012 – 2014

Master of Fine Arts Scenography – Cum Laude

Frank Mohr Institute (FMI), Academy Minerva – Hanzehogeschool, Groningen / NL


Selection of exhibitions, festivals, performances, movies


SEP 2018 Festival Amsterdam Fringe. Presented work: Heute wird Morgen Gestern sein

AUG 2018 Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Istria, Festival Media Mediterranea 20: Technology + Nature in Pula / HRV. Presented work: Heute wird Morgen Gestern sein (Pula Version).

JUN 2018 Festival Rotterdamse Dakendagen. Presented work: Dakgefluister.

MAY 2018 Light/wind installation for fashion label THIS IS WHY, during Nachtaktiv Mönchengladbach / DE.

FEB 2017 Festival Makersdag, Het Huis, Utrecht / NL. Presented work: excerpts out One must die.

SEP 2016 Why Theatre XL: On Spectatorship hosted by Platform Scenography, Het Huis, Utrecht. Presented work: Repeating Dissolution III.

FEB 2016 Exhibition PULSE, Arnhem / NL. Presented work: Repeating Dissolution II.

AUG 2015 NEUNOW Online Festival. Presented work: Heat of the Moment.

JUN – JUL 2015 Group exhibition Positionen, Loebau / DE. Presented work: Auf der Anderen Seite – Po Drugiej Stronie HOTEL VIERJAHRESZEITEN.

MAY 2015 Zukunftsvisionen Festival, Görlitz / DE. Presented work: Auf der Anderen Seite – Po Drugiej Stronie.

JAN 2015 Festival Fort Minable Formidable, Maplap / HKU, Utrecht / NL. Presented work: You are being recorded!

JUL 2014 Theatre Festival Over het IJ, Zeecontainerprogramma Amsterdam / NL. Presented work: Non-Places.

JUL 2014 Group exhibition FOLDED, De Lichtfabriek, Haarlem / NL. Presented work: Repeating dissolution.

JUL 2014 Group exhibition UNFOLDED, np3, Groningen / NL. Presented work: Non-Places.

MAY 2014 Performative light installation for the fashion label THIS IS WHY, Mönchengladbach / DE

APR 2014 Group exhibition Reference Frame, The New Bridge Project, Newcastle / UK. Presented work: CentrAlien.

MAR 2014 Stage design for the performance Topografische Versprechen, Bochum / DE

NOV 2013 Energize Festival, Groningen / NL. Presented work: Heat of the Moment.

MAY 2013 Installations for the theme event Verfreemding, Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam / NL. Presented works: Alien stairs, Alien corridor.

DEC 2012 – JAN 2013 Group exhibition Temporarily Defined SMAHK, Assen / NL. Presented work: I was here!



JUN 2018 -Monster Control District (MCD)- Festival Performing Arts. Performance VORZEIGEKIND at Tatwerk Performative Forschung Berlin.

MAY 2018 -MCD- Performance VORZEIGEKIND at Theater im Pavillon Hannover.

APR 2018 -MCD- Performance VORZEIGEKIND at Kulturfarbrik Löseke Hildesheim.

APR 2018 Set design for analogue Jump&Run game for kids NEWCOLOGNE Theater an der Parkaue – Junges Staatstheater Berlin.

APR 2018 -MCD- Film festival Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt am Main. Presented work: AIR TIME (short movie).

FEB 2018 -MCD- Film Festival Woche der Kritik, Berlin, Germany. Presented work: AIR TIME (short movie).

JUL 2017 -MCD- Film Festival Hungry Eyes Gießen, Germany. Presented work: AIR TIME (short movie).

APR 2016 -Dannenberg&Co.- Scenography & Outside-Eye for theatre piece Im Rahmen einer Erinnerung, Münster / DE.


Residencies, stipends, research labs

OCT 2018 Research Academy ZHdK Zürich – Perform. Record. Enrich. Share. Opening up and publishing processes in performance creation.

JUL-AUG 2018 Artist in Residence Summer Residence at Metamedij Pula, Croatie. Sponsored by V2_ Rotterdam.

MAY 2017 Stipend Internationales Forum des Theatertreffens 2017, Berliner Festspiele / DE.

APR 2017 -MCD- Artist in Residence at Franfurt LAB / DE.

OCT 2015 Residence at Gallery FLOX, Kirschau / DE.

JUN 2015 Stipend Schillertage theatre festival, Mannheim / DE.

APR – MAY 2015 Artist in Residence ( 5 weeks) Open Art Lab Zukunftsvisionen, Görlitz / DE.


Subsidies, prices

APR – JUN 2018 Subsidie regeling investeringsbijdraag by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam) / NL.

SEP 2016 – FEB 2017 Development & research subsidie by CBK Rotterdam (Centre for Visual Arts Rotterdam) / NL.

DEC 2015 Nomination for the Goethe Institute Price Jij bent aan de beurt – Du bist an der Reihe!, Amsterdam / NL

MAY 2015 Special Art Price by Gallery Flox, Zukunftsvisionen Festival Görlitz / DE

FEB 2015 Nomination for the George Verberg Stipend, Groningen / NL

JUN 2014 – APR 2013 Ascension stipend, SBB (foundation for the promotion of gifted professional education)



2018 CBK Rotterdam ’s publication Onderzoek & Ontwikkeling 2014-2017.

2015 Zukunftsvisionen artists catalogue.

2014 Frank Mohr Institute – Minerva Art Academy, Mmm, MOHR MOHR MOHR.

2014 Frank Mohr Institute – Minerva Art Academy, Unfolded catalogue.