Looking for Construction Help & Supervisor of Media Installation

During Senses Working Overtime, on the 11 & 12.09.2020 in Het Huis Utrecht, I will show a new version of my work Heute wird Morgen Gestern sein, for this occasion I am looking for someone who can transport the installation from my studio in Rotterdam to Utrecht, set it up and supervise it running properly during the festival.

The work is an interactive media art installation that will make use of various technologies, such as kinect, video camera, speakers, water pump, Win based Pc and software such as Isadora (node based programming), maybe OSC.

You should thus, besides an aesthetic understanding, have skills with technology and be willing to work yourself into unknown elements of the installation and the process that are taking place. This would very likely happen beforehand in my studio in Rotterdam on a test setting. Ideally you have experience with the above named technology, specifically cameras, sound equipment and node based visual programming, and are willing to learn things you don’t know.

You will have to carry some equipment, be able to work self-determined and to drive a rented car between Rotterdam and Utrecht.

Ideally you are situated in one of these cities and are fully available between the 10-12.09 and for a couple of times beforehand.


If your interested please send me a mail to: mail@arianetruemper.de

Here you find some impressions of previous versions of the installation: http://www.arianetrümper.de/heute-wird-morgen-gestern-sein-installation/