Non-Places <performative video installation> 2014


Interactive video/live feed installation

How do we experience and define ourselves, in a world where we constantly change our physical environments and search for home in mediated ones?
What does it then mean if we feel home everywhere and nowhere?

This work was created for and presented in shipping containers on two locations at the same time, in Groningen (NL) and in Amsterdam. It thematizes a ‘modern nomadism’ and reflects on the idea of not being located only in one space in time. A video is projected on the carpet that is fixed on the back wall of the container. It starts automatically when the spectator steps into the container, showing different floors of ‘transitory spaces’ (after Marc Augés book ‘Non-Places’). The video blends towards its end into a live stream filmed by a web cam positioned in the container. The spectator becomes a part of the video.

03-13 July 2014 Festival Over het IJ ZEECONTAINERPROGRAMMA, Amsterdam
04-10 July 2014 UNFOLDED group exhibition, np3 Groningen /NL