MCD – Monster Control District <forming of a collective, research> 2017

Research in Progress



VOLL:MILCH, Bultjer, Friese, Trümper

Monster Control District (MCD) is a performance collective formed in Berlin and Frankfurt a.M. beginning 2017. It consists out of the camera man Moritz Friese, the theatre collective VOLL:MILCH, the programmer Nils Bultjer and the scenographer and media artist Ariane Trümper. MCD’s task and goal is to put our monstrous time in scene. For this purpose MCD acquired VOLL:MILCH’s in 2016 started monster-cycle, who will have it’s peak in a collective opera-project in 2019/2020. The opera, a monstrous scenic art form, seems to be predestined to argue with the monstrosity of our time.

In the frame of a residence at Frankfurter LAB in April 2017 we started our working phase. During this residence our focus was to develop a collective notation for our different artistic approaches, to lay a common foundation for our future work together. A found video from the year 2015 stood at the beginning of our scenic research:

The recording of the Litchfield Mosquito Control District meeting shows chairman John and his vice chairman Alfred. Despite those men being the only participants of this meetings, it does strictly run after protocol. We disassembled this grotesque video in it’s individual scenic elements, noted the developing montage parts, reassembled them and re-staged them.

The newly formed notation models are intended to be tools for developing and working on the opera format. Till the performance of the Opera in its full monstrosity, in up to three years, we will produce several independent montage parts that will be presented in independent shows.