Alien Stairs <installation, point of view> 2013



Alien Stairs was shown in the frame of an evening dedicated to the theme Alienation, that encompassed different fields in psychology, politics, sociology, art and alimentation. The installation plays with our perception of things and with point of views we have about and on things.

The supposedly chaotic construction in the stairs, connecting some levels in the Stadsschouwburg, become a geometric clear spiral if we look on it from the top. A camera above the stairs enables us to do so. It’s live image can be found on a screen at the end of the white line which leaves the stairs. The white line that starts in the space in-between the stairs, runs through the corridors, up in the higher floors of the Schouwburg, connecting and guiding through the different levels of the Stadsschouwburg like a red thread. The installation functions as a connecting element in the building, but also as a social comment on how different our perceptive point of views can be.

11 May 2013 Happychaos: Verfreemding, Stadsschouwburg Amsterdam