Heat of the Moment <live feed, thermal video installation> 2013


Interactive video/live feed installation

This work was presented in a double stacked shipping container. The idea was to visualize the connections between human and space. The work could describe the characteristics of the space and/or these of a person.

The spectators enters the container after receiving headphones connected to a mp3 player. Over these a voice starts speaking to them, asking if they are there and invites them to have a seat on the bed. Doing so the spectators sees a heat image projected above the entrance. The image consisted of a live feed and a pre-recorded video done with a thermal camera. The figure lying on the bed is only to be seen in the heat image, not in ‘reality,’ but the mattress feels warm where the figure seems to lay.

This work deals with questions on how we perceive presence and what kind of traces we leave behind. Somebody seems to be there even if we know that we are alone.

November 2013 Energize Festival, Groningen / NL