Auf der Anderen Seite – Po Drugiej Stronie OBERMARKT 6 <site-specific, live, video installation> 2015


Site-specific media installation

An installation about walls and borders, both emotional and physical. About confusion, the alien and the wish to be understood. About dreaming, the overcoming of ‘walls’ and the ‘outgrowing of oneself.’

The work was developed in the city of Görlitz-Zgorzelec, in the frame of a 5 week artist residence. A beautiful city, with a lot of space, demographic problems and an interesting history.
The work was set up on the ground floor of an empty building at the Obermarkt 6. Several spaces inside, outside and the wind running through the building shaped the work. Plastic plans were moving and reminding of the sound of the tree growing in a small court yard of the building. Live camera transmissions made walls invisible and on telephones Polish and German speaking people were unable to communicate.
Impressions of a city full of potential but somehow still living with a wall, even if there is no physical one anymore.
A work about words, misunderstandings, dreams and the self.

23-30.05.2015 Zukunftsvisionen, Görlitz / DE