DAKGEFLUISTER <sound installation, site-specific> 2018

Site-specific sound installation

DAKGEFLUISTER (roof whispers) is a research into the experience of space through sound. During the Rotterdamse Dakendagen several roof sounds could be experienced via binaural sound recordings, a technology capable of recording 3D sounding audio. The attention of the listener shall be led away from the experience of vision towards the experience of sound and clashes between the heard and the seen can be experienced.

The the seemingly less conscious, but very influential impact sound has on our perception shall be put into focus. How do we experience a space through sound in relation to an experience through vision? What does the sound of a space tells me about my position in relation to it? Raw sounds from air conditioners, traffic, rain, construction sites, birds, voices of children or church bells can be heard as a clear event or as disappearing in a fog of noise. They, but also the building itself, are creating the audible landscapes of the roofs.

Shown: 02-03.06.2018 Rotterdamse Dakendagen

The Making of:

This project has been made possible with the support of CBK Rotterdam. A thank you goes out to the Dakendagen Stichting, the CBK Rotterdam, Hannes Wallrafen, Platform Scenography and the teams of the Delftse Poort, De Rotterdam, het WTC and the Central Station.