Het Transformerende Huis – Repeating Dissolution VOL. II <site-specific, video installation> 2016

Trailor het transformerende huis – Repeating Dissolution II from Ariane Trümper on Vimeo.


Site specific audio/video installation 7:56min LOOP

The video work was filmed for and presented on a specific location in Arnhem. The video was running in a seemingly endless loop, constantly repeating itself. Merging the physical and the digital, two worlds following different rules flow in and out of each other, exploring the possibilities of the medium video.

Material: Trafohuisje Arnhem, white board, projector, stereo speakers, video player, per-recorded video.

06 – 28 Feb. 2016 Exhibition PULSE Studio Omstand, Trafohuisje, Arnhem / NL